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Monday Motivation


 Make your bed every day this week. No act of organization is too small. And it just might help you sleep better, too! 

New Savory Snack


We are excited to announce that we have added a new savory snack to our menu this week - Keto Chicken Salad!

Served with a side of crunchy carrots and zucchini, this delicious and nutritious chicken salad is just 200 calories, but is packed with 18g of protein to keep you satisfyingly full between meals.

Click HERE to order yours today!

Quote of the Week


“It takes as much energy to wish as it does to plan.”

– Eleanor Roosevelt

Feel the Heat Promo


Summer is heating up and so are our savings! We are doubling up on our promotions this week to give you two opportunities to save with our Super Early Bird OR our Early Bird promotions.

Save 20% off your entire purchase when you submit your order before Midnight tonight*. Enter promo code SUPEREARLYBIRD to receive your discount.

Or you can take advantage of our regular early bird special by placing your order by Midnight Wednesday* and using one of the coupon codes below to earn spectacular savings.

▪ Earlybird15pack for 20% off your order of 15 meals or more

▪ Earlybird10pack for 15% off your order of 10 to 14 meals 

▪ Earlybird5pluspack for 10% off your order of 5 to 9 meals

*Offer excludes Chef's Selections.

Health Benefits Of Organization


 It Can Boost Your Energy
If you’re feeling a slight slump in your day and can’t seem to shake it, try taking a few minutes to organize your desk and work area. According to WebMD, taking this time to get yourself organized can help you to work more energetically the rest of the day.

It Can Lead To Better Eating Habits
A study from Psychological Science found people who worked in a neat space were two times as likely to pick an apple to eat versus a chocolate bar when compared to those who were working in an organized, messy work space. Keep it organized, and that urge to choose foods that make you feel groggy or bloated might soon diminish.

It Can Improve Your Sleep Habits
According to the Huffington Post, clutter in your bedroom can be stressful to you, causing you to lose out on precious sleep. Use this time of year to declutter and stay organized, too, by making your bed every morning. According to Reader’s Digest, those who make their bed report a better night’s sleep than those who don’t.

It Can Reduce Stress
According to a study from Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin, people with cluttered homes, or homes filled with unfinished projects, were more depressed and had higher cortisol levels then their counterparts who described their homes as restful and restorative. Cortisol is the body’s stress hormone — so when that goes up, our feelings of stress are amplified. 

It Can Lower Your Heart Attack Risk
Cleaning and organizing can truly lower your risk of having a cardiovascular event, according to Reader’s Digest. The outlet reported on a Swedish study that found people who did the most yard work, housecleaning, and DIY projects had about a 30 percent lower risk of a first-time cardiovascular event versus those who were the most sedentary.


Fit Foodies Coming Soon!


We are thrilled to announce that we will be opening our first restaurant next month!

The restaurant, which we are calling Fit Foodie, will open in our existing ISOFIT Meal store front location in Austell. 

Our hours will be:

Monday Closed

Tuesday 11AM – 8PM

Wednesday 11AM – 8PM

Thursday 11AM – 8PM

Friday Closed

Saturday 12PM – 8PM

Sunday 11AM – 6PM

In addition to many of the same delicious offerings you enjoy with ISOFIT Meals, the restaurant will also offer fresh new menu items for you to experience.

As members of the ISOFIT Nation, you are invited to join us for our Grand Opening, so keep an eye out for our "Save the Date" coming soon!

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